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 The truth

During the last uprising wave and cracking down on Islamist in Egypt June 30, 2013. All the media outlets have been accused of taking a side, “when you point a camera to a side you neglect the rest of the real scene” Said a protester to me “People are following those media outlets which confirms what already in their minds, not to get new info!” he added. Apparently all parties involved in the conflict were violating the sense of “peace” which was the highlighted title for the Egyptian revolution since Jan 25, 2011.
For this project, I have been shooting in many events related to the last uprising wave conflict June 30 including storming Rabaa and it’s massacre, people celebrating the Islamist stepping down at the presidential palace, people celebrating the memory of Jan 25, 2014, protests, marches and the consequences for the Islamist. The referendum and the presidential elections process, and the Islamist trials.I decided, tripling exposures the events and gather scenes in one slide and giving the chance for the audience to see the hall scene the way they wants and see whatever they want to see!



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