About Hamada Elrasam

My journey as a photographer started since almost a decade. It started as a hoppy from my own interpretation of aesthetics, defining my style of work.

I honed skills by studying at CIC photo-school, Al-liquindoi and NOOR foundation.

I believe in ‘idea’ and the ‘story’ behind my photograph. I would say I am a photographer driven by art, creativity and inspiration, the ‘idea’ that goes into the making of photograph is what’s important.

I am always looking for visuals that escape the human eye to be my muse, and throughout my 15 years of experience a painter, I have seen, used and looked at visuals and photographs of most great photographers and always felt like a drop in an ocean.

I am still climbing the hill and there is a long way to go. I crave to do something different and creative every moment of my professional life.


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