Warming up for a civil war!

Posted: March 31, 2013 in Uncategorized

Hamada Elrasam documents injuries of innocent Al-Muqatam residents, who didn’t involve in the protest. But they were kidnapped, imprisoned and tortured for more than 10 hours by the Muslim brotherhood members in “Bilal Ibn Rabah” Mosque, being accused that they belong to the opponents’ protesters.

Blue night over Al-Muqatam hell on “Friday of dignity”, many activists and political movements called for that demonstration responding for the Muslim brotherhood violent attack on some activists who tried to paint opponents graffiti nearby the Muslim brotherhood’s guidance headquarter building the week before.

The violent protest resulted in at least 200 injuries. As the two sides of the protest committed many violations included kidnapping, torturing and imprisoning for who fall from the other side.

The media have been documenting most of the opponents violation acts on that day. While the majority of the Muslim brotherhood members’ violations took place inside “Bilal Ibn Rabah” Mosque, where they used it for detaining the opponents captives.

21 years, Sherif Mustafa, lives in Al-Muqatam and study in the high institute for technology. Sherif was going to meet his girlfriend as he dated her nearby a restaurant at the main road 9. Sherif said “when I saw the clashes I took another quit way to meet my girlfriend, while I was walking, some Muslim brotherhood members arrested me an investigated me if I belong to the opponents, once I said I have no relation with them, they asked for which group I belong, is it “A” or “B”? I denied any relation with opponents. At that moment, they beat me with a big stick on my head; I didn’t feel where am I! After that, I found myself in Bilal Ibn Rabah Mosque facing more investigations and tortures until they released me after more than 10 hours.”

Hamada Elrasam-001-47Hamada Elrasam-001-43Hamada Elrasam-001-45

                                                                       Hamada Elrasam-001-6 Hamada Elrasam-001-46

25 years, Ahmed Abd-Elnaby, a furniture carpenter and a father of a 2 years kid. Ahmed said “I heard that there were clashes at Al-Muqatam where I live with my family, I closed my workshop and went back to Al-Muqatam to reassure my family! The Muslim brotherhoods kidnapped me into Bilal Ibn Rabah mosque where they start investigating and torturing me, eventually, they accused me of being faithless and that was almost the end of being percipient of what happened to me.”
Hamada Elrasam-001-40

Hamada Elrasam-001-39

  Hamada Elrasam-001-42

32 years, Wahed Mohamed Hassan, a clothes merchant who was going to the oil station nearby the Muslim brotherhood headquarter to put oil in his motorbike with two of his friends with him when they grabbed him and his friends and told him that we will make you a good example for deterring the opponents. They took us at place, which I didn’t recognize it was a mosque until one of the opponents’ captives said “It’s Haram “taboo” to do that in God’s home!” They kept beating him until he fail down. “It was worst than a jail.” Wahid said. “They forced me and other to be photographed holding knifes, specially a Coptic guy they forced him to get photographed holding a shotgun.” He added.

The investigations were almost the same with all the captives; Wahed said “What I didn’t understand until now what are groups “A” and “B” that they were asking me about all the time. When I felt that I am near my end I screamed no god except Allah, Mohamed his passenger.” Once I said that they kept telling me “you are the God’s enemy.”


Hamada Elrasam-001-54Hamada Elrasam-001-53

Hamada Elrasam-001-21

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           Hamada Elrasam-001-56

Hamada Elrasam-001-55

                   Hamada Elrasam-001-8Hamada Elrasam-001-22



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